July is here. This may be my favorite time of year. I love that strawberries are in season in time for the fireworks and our many family July birthdays. Here are some moments captured at the parade. It was rainy and at one point I had to retreat into the “Little Brown Church” and enjoyed […]

Work and Play

Oh, it is busy times here at the Millstream Pocket. The house project is the focus of our attention but we’ve carved out time to play too. This weekend found us very sandy at Sand Beach. The big boys biked and Shep and I strolled. Tommy enjoyed posing for this staged photo. At home, Tim […]

The Duck in the Window

When we first got our ducks I didn’t expect them to be communicative. But it turns out they are. They tell us, in the form of a certain loud, consistent and persistent “quack” when trouble is afoot. Sometimes they sound the alarm because an unfriendly animal is near. The night the raccoon visited the coop […]

Around the house

Well its Spring. And here we are, doing our best to look the part. Tim got about 20 taps in over the last week and the sap is starting to…trickle. Owen takes a sip. Owen completed knitting his Teddy. Shep saw it and immediately announced “Teddy mine?” half statement half demand. Owen has been very […]