Sweet Little Moments

Here we are. Tommy’s end of October birthday rolled into Halloween which melted into Thanksgiving which  became… the Christmas Season. This time of year always unfolds for us in such a way and some years I have felt overwhelmed by it but this year I decided to let it in, to let it come. It […]

Handworks and Happenings

We are back from our holiday and though it was lovely it is SO good to be home. With lots of driving I made great strides on my sweater. ~ In New Hampshire, I gathered greens for garland making. On Saturday with the boys well occupied with all things grandma’s, I was able to get away […]

Turning Twenty

Every now and again its nice to switch your poison and this week my mother and I both set aside our usual handwork (hers-rug hooking, mine-knitting) in favor of a weekend quilt-in. She isn’t the first and won’t be the last to be beguiled by the enchanting array of possibilities at Alewives Fabrics. Alewives is […]