A Weaning Trip

Today, Tim packed up all three boys for a trip to New Hampshire to visit his folks. We had spent a good deal of time discussing this possibility, with me putting on a brave face. With another whole week off from school stretching before him and me scheduled long hours Tim was feeling like a […]

Baby its cold outside!

Winter is really, really here. Yesterday when I went to get potatoes and onions from the mudroom for a stew I found them frozen and this morning the glass read -3 degrees. The boys don’t seem to mind. A flurry of skating was followed quickly by a flurry of sledding and it looks like the […]

Handworks and Happenings

We are back from our holiday and though it was lovely it is SO good to be home. With lots of driving I made great strides on my sweater. ~ In New Hampshire, I gathered greens for garland making.¬†On Saturday with the boys well occupied with all things grandma’s, I was able to get away […]