Finally… the New Bathroom is (99%) Done!

Well, its been almost 6 months in progress but the new bathroom finally went into operation late last week.  Our friends and family will be so relieved to hear a different answer to whats new with us than “working on the bathroom.” The project that started with Tim peeling wallpaper in the downstairs bedroom, the room where last summer Shep was born, turned into a wall coming down, a floor coming out, a new floor going in and a new bathroom taking shape.


IMG_2446Here’s a look back. After the wall between the playroom and guest room came out we pulled up the floor.  Then the subfloor. Then the joists.

The new subfloor went in, the new walls went up.


Can you see Owen’s head coming up through the grate behind Tim?

Is it normal to love plaster and lath? I love plaster and lath.



And here you can see the three notches in the beam corresponding to the three notches in the post. Its like a puzzle this old house!

Then came plumbing and electric and lots and lots of trim. Tim did this project with the help of his Dad who came to stay for two weeks this summer and our great neighbor Jeep who is always generous with advice and assistance. I helped too, mostly with the scavenger hut across Maine for fixtures, doors, sinks and such.


I love the brass faucet and marble sink. I found it on a sweltering July day at Portland Architectural Salvage.  After combing the third floor with Shep on my back for AGES, and waiting for help from the clerk while she dickered with a man over tiles, for AGES, I finally led her upstairs to ask the price of the sink. She told me one price. She looked at the sweating woman before her with the sweating baby on her back and came down on the price, then immediately without my asking, came down again. It was worth the wait. Its a great old sink. The hot and cold come together to mix in the center and it splashes water out of the faucet and into the basin like its happy to be out of the third floor of the salvage warehouse and back in use.



The bathroom has two parts: a powder room with sink and toilet and a water closet with tub and sink. There is a pocket door in between. This will hopefully decrease the cries of “I have to go NOW!”  “I’m brushing my teeth! You have to wait!” The pedestal sink in the powder room came from my parent’s house. Before that it was at Keswick Nursing Home in Baltimore where my Grandmother was the head nurse for many years. When they renovated and got rid of all the old sinks, she took one home. I love that its here now.  The door came from the Treasure and Trash barn, the glass knob and hardware we picked up somewhere along the way. The milk glass cold cream jar on the sink now has q-tips in it. We found it on the bank behind the house along with the blue glass Vicks jar up by the transom window.




And finally, as you can see, there is a hooked rug. While I wait for my big rug, my mother let me bring this one home. In one corner are her initials, in another mine. I was 15 when I helped her to finish this rug by hooking some of the green background. I had no idea at the time where I would settle or with which man I’d marry and make a life. I had no idea whose little feet would pitter patter across floors and which little ones would crawl into my lap and heart. I’m so pleased with the way the bathroom turned out. Lots of Tim in it, a bit of the boys, Tim’s father’s hands, my grandmother’s sink, some relics of those who came before us here. And my mothers rug. Doesn’t it look perfect?


4 thoughts on “Finally… the New Bathroom is (99%) Done!

  1. It absolutely looks perfect. Your mom sent me your blog–and I have just loved reading through it. I saw a comment of mine, too, from oh so long ago. How precious this all is–the work, the beauty, the inheritance melded into the future, those amazing ever growing little guys who are your boys. Love this. Hope to have that happy newly installed faucet splash some water on me some day.

  2. Here from Charlotte’s fb page :)… You all worked so hard to make such a beautiful space with each element so thoughtfully picked out. Love it! What a sweet spot your whole place is for such a sweet family ❤

    • Thanks Jenn. It’s definitely a pretty space but for how long? Yesterday as the boys raced to the bathroom calling, “I have to go” “no me first!” I cringed when I heard them agree to do “light sabers”. Two boys peeing simultaneously is not congruent with beautiful bathroom…

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