Everything Apples

Apples are the fruit du jour. For the past two weeks Tim and the boys have been picking every chance they get and bags of Macintosh, Ida Reds, Macouns and heirloom varieties untold began to fill the mud room.



Apple Friday at school flowed sweetly into Saturday Apple Fest with sack racing and pie eating, then into Sunday with cider pressing and finally a wonderful birthday party. Pressing apples into cider with friends on the banks of the Bagaduce River has become an autumn tradition we love. All together we made about 25 gallons of cider.

The boys enthusiastically chipped in. Here they employee the “Apple Brigade”. The weather was beyond perfect, there were plenty of arms for holding babes and sweet apple and pear refreshments in abundance.

IMG_3990 IMG_3980 IMG_3975 IMG_3972

With the cider made by early afternoon we scrambled into costumes for the weekend finale: a birthday party extravaganza at a farm on another corner of the peninsula.



There was scavenger hunting, piñata wacking, music in the rafters, homemade chicken liver pate, more cider and delicious blueberry birthday cake.IMG_4069IMG_4021

IMG_4048 IMG_4063 IMG_4037 IMG_4071 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4085

Starting with the youngest and working our way up all the kids had a turn at the pomegranate piñata. Then the grown ups got a turn with Tim dealing the fatal blow. The day ended with full bellies, cider shelf fully stocked and a very tired baby. Now we can look forward to hot cider at skating parties all the long winter through.


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