Making our Old Clawfoot Tub Look New Again…and bathroom floors are looking nice.

When we moved into this house we were pleased to find a big old clawfoot tub in the only bathroom. It is long enough (5ft)  and deep enough to soak in, a great old tub. We had no hot water when we first arrived and filled the tub with water heated on the stove top to bathe the boys. As we prepare to move our bathroom to its new space we’ve talked a lot about what to do with the tub. I’ve been in favor of the idea of having it refurbished inside and out.  Its tough to do this yourself and I’m over whelmed by the idea of sandblasting and quickly getting paint on before the rust starts to take hold. But having a tub refinished is not inexpensive, probably 500$ or so. We’ve tried bleaching away the rust stains and discolored areas without any success. We tried various other products and preparations with no improvement. Just when Tim was leaning toward loading it up and taking it to a professional he tried one last ditch effort we hadn’t attempted before, so simple that I never thought it could possibly work.


It turns out that these two combine to make a paste that does the trick on the enamel that nothing else we tried could.


I wish I had a before picture but you can imagine, you’ve seen old stained tubs.Now it looks like this. We still need to scrape and paint the outside and the enamel isn’t restored but its looks so much better. At this point I’m happy to call it good and move on.


And a peak at the new bathroom, coming along nicely. We just put a third coat of finish down on the new, old floors. Tim had at first been against wood flooring in the bathroom but he admits now they look fantastic, hopefully they will hold up and we won’t regret the choice. These are the Douglas Fir floors that were originally in the guest room. We pulled them up and put them back down.  More on the bathroom later.

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